It's time to
consider propane

Statistics show that 86% of the 112 million households in the United States own a grill or smoker and the vast majority of those grills are powered by propane.

Sixty-nine percent of households that own a grill, own a gas grill, making the need for cylinder exchange strong. With millions and millions of propane tanks being exchanged annually, it’s time to consider propane.

For more information contact Sunset Cylinder Exchange today at (855) 394-8400. Let us show you how your retail operation can add profits and customer traffic.

Sunset Cylinder Exchange LLC has an exchange program that offers our distributors:

  • The ability to turn unused space into a viable profit center
  • Increased customer traffic flow into your store
  • Easy product management
  • Complete turnkey installation and startup
    • Don't know what it takes to get started? Don't worry--we know what is needed to successfully begin or continue to offer cylinder exchange at your location. From regional zoning and licensing requirements to state safety rules, we're your expert
  • Safe, quality product ensures repeat sales

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